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El Redil del Poblado is a Christian community affiliated with the Federation of Evangelical Baptist Churches of Colombia (FIBEC) and part of a set of 14 biblical Baptist churches located in different areas of Medellín. It was founded 22 years ago by the Canadian Baptist Mission under the leadership of two missionary couples: Felipe - Deenne Webb, and Diego - Claudia Cardona. We are a Christian community for the Poblado area, a part of Medellín that although
has a high quality of life, education, culture, and religious tradition, suffers from deterioration both in an individual and familiar aspect. This is manifested in their independence from God and self-sufficiency, reflecting the spiritual darkness and the deep need for the values of the Kingdom of God. As a community we fundamentally value our personal relationship of love, trust and dependence with the Good Shepherd, Jesus Christ, who renews our lives by the power of the Holy Spirit.